Supplies and Equipment in Photography and Photo Guide - Media and entertainment Review

OER, Inc. / Photo Products Division
Products include photo identification, passport, mugshot, digital imaging and special events cameras. Company also manufactures photo id card systems. Products are sold to the photographic, . Manufacturer of specialized photographic equipment.
Bender Photographic Inc
Large Format View camera kits.
Manufacturer of tracking mounts, 35mm and 70mm high-speed rotary prism and pin-registered cameras for commercial, film readers and 16mm and military applications.
BEF Photoprocessing
BEF's international distributors are being added to every continent while the software and engineering division is expanding BEF's own product li. Provider of pre-owned minlabs that serves the North American, South American, and European markets.
Sekonic Professional Division
Division of Mamiya that specializes in light meters.
German manufacturer for presentation equipment that offers solutions for multimedia presentations, slide projection and photo lab equipment.
Equipment Emporium
Supplier of production sound recording equipment and seminars/training to the Hollywood industry.
Providing innovative and quality products to the mobile computing, consumer and industrial embedded system markets.
Vincent Associates
Developer of The Uniblitz shutter, which is electronically programmed to fire specific exposures at precise time intervals.
Porter's Camera Store: Photography Equipment & Supplies
Online source for digital cameras, film, lenses, darkroom, bags , flash, filters, 35mm cameras and cases, tripods, camcorders, and more.
Developer and manufacturer of black and white and color photographic materials, digital inkjet products and digital photoprinting technology.
Houston Fearless
Manufacturer of micrographic microfilm, duplicators, microfiche, motion picture film paper processors and cameras.
Sinar Bron
Distributor of digital and conventional photographic equipment.
Siltech Corporation
Photgraphic equipment for medical X-ray, graphic arts printing, industrial X-ray, color photography and micro film industries.
Information on digital photography and related technology.
Lici Colorstar C.V.
Provider of darkroom products, colorimeters, densitometers and chromameters.
Agave Stock Photography Solution (SPS)
Stock photography management system that will track submissions, documents, generate invoices, print a variety of labels and organize the financial details allowing the photographer to concentrate on photography.
Ohio Blue
Provider of blue printing and digital printing services.
Electron Microscopy Sciences
Site provides information about darkroom fans and louvers. Specializes in the manufacturing, preparation, and distribution of chemicals, supplies, and equipment, for microscopy, and all of its related fields.
Manufactures and distributes cameras, radiometric instruments, binoculars and related accessories.
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