Processing Film and Photo Guide - Media and entertainment Review

Filmguard Corporation
Manufacturer and developer of commercial archival film sleeving products for the professional photographic end user.
Bremson, Inc.
Manufacturer of film developing and digital imaging equipment, fiber optic CRT digital printers and motion picture and professional lab video analyzers; developer of multimedia imaging software; and provider of digital and electronics systems in.
Electronic Systems Engineering Co. (ESECO)
Their products range from color and exposure analyzers to a full lab product line featuring digital imaging systems for direct printing. Manufacturer and distributor of processing equipment for the photographic, graphic arts and x-ray industries.
Picture Pocket
Supplier of archival film sleeves, slide presentation products, film cleaning supplies and pro-lab products.
TruTrak Imaging Equipment
Supplier of dip and dunk film processors and paper processors.
Jobo Fototechnic USA
Product line offered includes enlargers, timers and analyzers, easels and testprinters, processing tanks and drums, chemicals, dryers, optics and focusing aids along with many other proce. US base of German photo processing products manufacturer.
Kreonite, Inc.
Products are sold to photo labs. Manufacturer of photographic processing equipment and film developer-processors.
Pic-Mount Imaging Corp.
Supplier of slide mounters, printers and processors to the fashion, mounts, storage boxes, wildlife and processors to the fashion, wildlife, media, science and professional modeling industries.
Northeast Photo-Tech Corporation
Manufacturer of fine film handling products, specializing in static and dust control products such as anti-static film cleaner, anti-static brushes, film clips and film wipes. Providing products for one hour and wholesale photo finishing labs.
Noritsu America Corporation
Developer of on-site photo processing technology and digital imaging systems.
Pakor, Inc.
Their products are used in the development and processing of photographic films and paper. Distributor of parts, supplies, and retail products to the photographic and graphic arts industries worldwide.
C-Line Products, Inc.
Their corporate headquarters are located in Illinois and they maintain distribution facilities in Sacramento, CA, Des Plaines, IL and North York, Canada. Manufacturer of plastic storage, identification and organization items.
Loersch Corporation
Manufactures slide mounts, slide mounters and other slide handling equipment.
nuArc Company, Inc.
The products are prepress equipment for the graphic arts industry. The camera is used to film negatives for making metal plates for printing purposes. T. Manufacturer of process cameras, light tables, exposure units, darkroom sinks and lights.
Houston Fearless 76, Inc.
Manufacturers of micrographic photographic microfilm, duplicators, microfiche, motion picture film paper processors, scanners and cameras and cameras, along with several other industrial products.
Stouffer Photo Equipment
Supplier of professional photographic contact printers designed for high production contact printing.
Pakon, Inc.
Pakon slide mounts and mounting equipment are used in photo labs of all sizes. Impak digital film scanners are used by photo labs, newspapers, publishers, police departments, hospitals, an. Supplier of digital imaging and slide mounting products.
Wing-Lynch, Inc.
Manufacturer and distributor of a range of photographic equipment for the professional and advanced amateur market specializing in photo development products for in-house use.
Sienna Imaging, Inc.
Developer of printer driver and digital imaging software. The software runs on Macintosh and Windows. Products are sold to multiple industries. This company was capitalize. Manufacturer of film processing equipment and digital color printers.
Upgrade Technology Inc.
Developer of film recorder hardware systems.
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